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Post-operative consultation with the surgeon
(approximately 3 weeks after the operation)

This is a very important time to:

1- Check that your healing is satisfactory and advise you on scar care for the weeks to come;

2- Take an assessment of your voice and in the event of problems (rare but possible) refer you to speech therapy rehabilitation

3- Analyze your blood test: calcium and thyroid biology (TSH, T4); this will allow you to adapt your treatment if necessary before it is taken over by your treating doctor or your endocrinologist.

4- Share with you the results of the analysis of the removed tissues and the consequences for your care, particularly if a diagnosis of cancer is made.

Even in  case of cancer confirmed during the operation, the definitive analysis remains essential to assess the stage of the disease and therefore the risks of relapse; it is the evaluation of these risks which may lead to advising you a second intervention (to remove the remaining gland if the first operation had carried out a partial thyroidectomy) or additional treatment with radioactive iodine.

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