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Chronic thyroiditis
Chronic thyroiditis is inflammation of the thyroid gland very often secondary to the presence of antibodies directed against the gland and which will modify it (it becomes firmer and often sensitive to palpation of the neck) and gradually damage it. The assessment of thyroiditis is carried out by an ultrasound (search for associated nodules) and by a blood test with measurement of antibodies and TSH (to accurately assess the functioning of the gland). Hormonal treatment to “help” the gland with L-Thyroxine may be necessary if TSH rises.
In certain forms of chronic autoimmune thyroiditis
(Hashimoto's disease with hyperthyroidism for example) surgical treatment with removal of the gland may be considered.
This decision, which is not the first treatment option, will only be taken after an exchange between doctors (endocrinologist, attending physician and surgeon) and after extensive information for patients on the benefits and risks of an operation. . 

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