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The  first dressing by your nurse at your home

The stitches and the intradermal overlock (thread threaded under the skin and which comes out at each end of the incision)  are removed between the 9th and 12th day after the operation.

The nurse disinfects the wound and checks for good healing; if this is incomplete she can apply strips (steri-strips) for 2 more days.

In the event of signs of infection (very rare) or effusion of fluid (which causes a lump above the scar) the nurse will ask you to contact the surgeon so that he can see you quickly.

Massages of the scar will only begin after complete healing (around 15 days) and must be continued as long as necessary until the scar is completely “integrated” into the skin covering.

Applying a silicone-based dressing or gel at night will prevent the scar from lifting.

(so-called hypertrophic scar).

Sometimes white threads (deep spots) can emerge in the 3 to 6 weeks following the procedure; it has no serious character; they can be removed after local disinfection with an alcohol-free antiseptic (chlorhexidine).

Below appearance of the neck, from left to right: upon leaving the clinic, upon removal of the threads; , at 6 weeks, at 3 years 

dressing room J1.jpg
Appearance of the scar 2 months after the operation
Appearance of the scar one year or more  after the operation  jpg
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