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Understanding thyroid illnesses and medical decisions but also sharing patient experiences...

Diseases of the thyroid gland are extremely common and affect more than a million people in France. They preferentially affect women.

There is a wide variety of diseases of the thyroid gland.

We distinguish between diseases which are accompanied by a disorder in the production of hormones, hyperthyroidism (too many hormones) and hypothyroidism (lack of hormones) and diseases with the appearance of morphological abnormalities or ; tumors in the gland, most often benign (benign nodules) but sometimes cancerous (malignant nodules).

We speak of a goiter when the thyroid is enlarged.

If this increase is due to numerous nodules, it is called a multinodular goiter. If the goiter is associated with excess production of hormones, it is a hyperthyroid goiter.  


Thyroid cancers



Nodules and goiters

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Hyperthyroidism and Graves'disease

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