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The progress of your clinic stay

Your arrival at the clinic:

preparation for the intervention

Scheduled arrival time at the clinic depends on the  scheduled time for your surgical procedure; this can be modified depending on the progress of the interventions carried out before yours; in the event of a significant delay you will be informed; Prof SANTINI will visit you in your room before you “go down” to the operating room.

The nurse of the service and the nursing assistant will install you in your room and guide you to prepare for the operation:  shower, dressing for the operation,

verification of your medical documents, absence  fever, because you are fasting; If necessary, she will question the anesthetist and will visit you if necessary.

The passage to the operating room

As soon as you arrive "standing" in the operating room, you will be placed on the operating table; a whole team is around you and will  take care of yourself; you will be “equipped” for the anesthesia monitoring elements and perfused. In case of general anesthesia the doctor will place a tube in your larynx (through the mouth or nose) to ensure good breathing.

The nurses will prepare the instruments and the operating field; to ensure total sterility of the operated region. Depending on the medical situation and the type of intervention, antibiotics may be administered to you.

All the gestures and acts carried out will give rise to a report (operative report and anesthetic report); a duplicate of these reports will be given to you upon your exit. 





your time in the  recovery room

The recovery room is located in the operating theater.

You will be monitored by a dedicated nurse in coordination with the anesthesiologist.

the main constants (chicken, BP, blood oxygenation) are "monitorized" until you fully wake up.

It is the anesthesiologist who will give the green light for your return to your room.

Return to your room and monitoring during your stay at the clinic  

Your return to the room is approximately 

1 hour after the end of the operation. You will be monitored by the hospital nurse; an infusion is left in place for a few hours and allows the administration of sedatives prescribed by the anesthetist.

If discharged the same day (outpatient treatment) the surgeon will come to visit you to check that the outcome is satisfactory; he will give you information on his findings during the operation and  his advice for returning home and also the various prescriptions for sedatives and  specific treatments (thyroxine, calcium, Vit D,)   , the report of your operation, a letter for your attending physician, an appointment for your post-operative consultation, a prescription for control blood tests and  if necessary, a work stoppage. 

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