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The day of the operation

Your arrival time in the department (Hall 2 1st floor) will have been given to you by the secretary the week preceding your intervention. You will be installed in your room by a nurse who will check your file.

After a shower with mild soap, you will be taken to the operating room. After the procedure you will spend about an hour in the recovery room before returning to your room.

You will be able to leave the clinic the same day if your procedure was planned on an outpatient basis after receiving a visit from the surgeon who will give you information about your procedure and advice for your follow-up.

Some patients will spend one night and return home most often the next day. in the morning after a blood test (calcium check) and removal of the drain. 

In all cases the surgeon and the anesthetist will give you the prescriptions for your treatment and for the care of the operating wound by a nurse.

An information document on your contacts if necessary will be given to you.

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