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The multidisciplinary consultation meeting for cancers of the thyroid  (and lesions at risk of cancer) 

The collegial discussion of the files of patients with cancerous lesions of the thyroid gland  , or suspected cancer for non-operated patients, is systematic (unless the patient objects) in the application of the recommendations of the  French National Cancer Institute.

This multidisciplinary consultation meeting (RCP) aims to offer each patient therapeutic care - and monitoring -  best suited to their case, taking into account the medical singularities of each patient (Age, chronic illnesses, current treatments).

This meeting is attended by your surgeon or endocrinologist who presents your file (your doctor can also send your file to the coordinator if he cannot be present), an oncologist-radiotherapist, a pathologist, a nuclear doctor; other specialists will be involved in the discussion of your file if necessary (medical oncologist, radiologist).

The treatment recommendation made by this committee is brought to the attention of the patient during an announcement consultation carried out by the  patient's referring doctor, in practice: either your surgeon or your endocrinologist. 

A written report is produced and sent to the regional network certified by the INCa and mandated by the ARS PACA; a duplicate is systematically sent by secure email; to your doctors and it can also  be given to you.

At the Saint George Clinic, RCP: “ENT and Thyroid Cancers” is coordinated by Professors RJ Bensadoun and J Santini.   

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